Couples, Family & Parent Programme

Fermoy Counselling Services are pleased to be offering a Family enhancement Programme. The family is the principal institution for the socialisation of children.  

Jim has many years’ experience working with families from a multitude of backgrounds, being a husband and father of adult children knows the trials and challenges of family life.

Family Programme

A family can be hugely affected by their loved one’s problems. The programme supports the family to work on individual issues and on family challenges. This helps the family with their loved one, but also helps the family work on unresolved issues and challenges which are often not addressed. If the person goes to treatment often the family are not involved in this process for various reasons. This service allows a safe contained environment for everyone to grow individually and as a family. This is paramount for everyone moving forward; getting well and living a happier life.

Some of the content could include:

Psycho-education on addiction/mental health
Recovery for the family
Recovery for the person
Identifying and Resetting Boundaries
Communication workshops
Experiential family group work to heal your own family

The length of the family programme depends on the individual family needs.

Couples Programme

Jim also provides a couples programme delivered over a period of time. Relationship issues are one of the most common causes of emotional distress. The couple’s programme can be a great way to reconnect with your partner or to resolve particular issues. The programme will help you both understand the most effective ways to communicate to each other, increase awareness with both individual therapy and couples therapy and help you both to begin to work together on your goals.

This programme can help couples with: 

Rebuilding the relationship
Low self-esteem

If you feel this programme would help you as a couple please contact us.