staff counselling service

Being in good shape mentally as well as physically is vital to a healthy, productive and happy life. We are continuously facing an ever-increasing rate of change in the world and almost on a daily basis, we read about the negative impact that stress, anxiety and other problematic issues can have on personal development and growth.

Stress both at home and at work is increasing. Managing this process is about strategy and tactics. It is also about the way people in your life respond to, and cope with change. Understanding and capturing the complexity of inter-personal relationships and individual strengths and needs within your environment in order that you can achieve is our primary objective.

For the client

To provide the client with access to an independent, flexible and professional Counselling Service focusing on personal & professional issues, challenges, managing change and work-life balance. The Counselling Service offered by Fermoy Counselling Services is specially designed to provide you with trained professionals and peace of mind.

Fermoy Counselling service deal with a wide range of mental health problems concerning life issues including bereavement, domestic violence, sexual abuse, traumas and relationship issues. We understand diagnosis and the medical context to mental health problems and work with the individual’s unique subjective psychological experience to empower their recovery and alleviate distress.